Planning a Home Water Birth?

Seattle’s Best Birth Tub Rentals

Planning a Home Water Birth?

seattle home birth tub rental

Seattle’s Best Birth Tub Rentals

Why choose a Seattle home water birth with our birth tub?

When you are giving birth at home, you want to have all your options for natural pain relief available to you.  Being in warm water is consistently one of the best ways to soothe contractions and reduce labor pain.  A Seattle birth tub rental can help you to have a more positive birth experience.

water birth faster labor

Speed up your labor & birth

water birth less pain

Less stressful for you & baby.

water birth reduce pain

Truly relax between contractions.

Using the AquaDoula® Birth Tub designed specifically for labor and water birth, rented from a local Seattle area expert, means you can create the birth space you desire with the skilled guidance you need for setup & use.

Guaranteed birth tub rental.

When you rent a birth tub from Sharon Muza at Seattle Birth Tub Rentals, you are guaranteed to have a tub when you need it.  Our 30 day rental means your tub and your birth space can be set up well in advance and ready to fill when your labor starts.  No matter how your labor unfolds, you know you have the equipment and supplies available, already on site, so that you can enjoy the tub when you are ready to use it without needing to wait on tub delivery or have outside people enter your home birthing space.

Complete birth tub rental kit.

Everything you need for your water labor and water birth in one convenient place. My birth tub rental kits include everything you need before, during and after your labor and birth along with detailed, easy to follow instructions.  I provide helpful tips to ensure the included hose connects successfully to your faucet.  Extra tub liners and hoses are available as an easy add-on at check out.

Quality, proven birth tub design for home water birth.

AquaDoula® birth tubs are designed to support your labor comfort, large enough to allow for many different positions and provide enough space for a partner to be in the water with you if you wish.  The circular design of our AquaDoula® tubs means your midwife has 360° access to you and your baby during birth.

  • Hard outer shell means no risk of leaks, punctures or wall malfunctions
  • Built-in heater keeps the water at the ideal safe temperature for you & baby
  • Two tub liners, one heavy duty permanent liner and a second flexible one-time-use 4 mil, latex free liner for guaranteed leak-proof protection.

Birth tub rental from an expert doula & childbirth educator.

Since I began working as a doula in 2004, I have watched countless Seattle-area birthing parents choose a home water birth. Each time I witness a birthing parent enter the warm water, their experience of labor is transformed. I have carefully chosen the AquaDoula® home birth tub kit for my birth tub rentals and stocked it with all the essential items you need to have a successful and positive labor and water home birth experience.

Sharon Muza

Certified Birth Doula (DONA)
Certified Lamaze Educator (LCCE)
DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer
Lamaze Accredited Childbirth Education Program
Fellow in the American Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators (FACCE)

Research has found that people who used water during labor and/or birth were:

  • Less likely to use pain medication
  • Less likely to need medication to speed up their labor
  • Had shorter labors
  • More likely to have an intact perineum (no tears)
  • Described their labors as less painful than people who did not use water for labor/birth
  • Less likely to give birth by cesarean or receive a episiotomy
  • More satisfied with their entire labor and birth experience

All these benefits have been documented with no increased risk to the newborn. See the data at Evidence Based Birth and

Effective, Simple & Natural Pain Relief for Labor & Birth.

Water Birth Tub Rental: FAQ

Q: How big is the AquaDoula® birth tub?

The AquaDoula® is 4’6” in diameter and 25 inches deep.  It accommodates two adults. The AquaDoula® birth tub holds 150 gallons of water and takes about 30 minutes to fill, depending on your home's water pressure and hot water tank size and capabilities.

Q: Can I put the birth tub anywhere in my home?

A filled birth tub weighs about 1250 pounds and needs a level 5’ diameter space for set up.  Your midwife can help you decide the best location in your home for the tub to be placed that is convenient and comfortable for you and your team.

Q: Does the AquaDoula® heater heat the water in the tub?

The AquaDoula® heater maintains tub water temperature but will not heat the tub water up.  You will be provided with information on how to get the tub filled to the proper temperature quickly and easily.

Q: How do I empty the tub after our home birth?

Our water birth take-down guide provides clear instructions. With the provided electric pump, the water is easily removed and disposed of. The second liner and hose go into your garbage can and everything else is neatly packed and ready to be returned.

Q: What if I need the tub earlier or later than expected?

I do my best to accommodate your needs and can often make a tub available with a few hours notice for an additional $50 charge.  Please contact me if that situation should arise.

You may extend your rental period for a week beyond the initial 30 days for an additional $60 charge.

Q: When and where do I pick up and return my Aqua Doula birth tub?

You will pick up and return your tub rental to my home in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. On pick up day, you may come anytime between 12 PM and 6 PM.  On tub return day, you can come during daylight hours.

Q: Can I use your rental birth tub in a hospital or birth center?

No, unfortunately, our AquaDoula® birth tubs are specifically for home births only.  They may not be transported to a freestanding birth center or hospital.

Q: When should I set up the tub?

It is a good idea to set up the tub in advance if you can, and just fill it once you are in labor.  It only takes about 20 minutes to set it up, so you can also do it when labor starts.

Q: How long can the tub remain filled?

According to AquaDoula®, the general recommendation is to replace the water and disposable liner after 24-72 hours depending on the water quality after usage.  Follow your midwife’s guidelines for your individual situation.

Q: May I purchase extra hoses or liners?

Yes, you have the option to add on extra supplies at the time of check out if you think you will need them.

Q: What kind of car can I use to transport the tub?

The tub and tub supplies will fit in any car that holds four adults. Tub pick-up is in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Q: What is your refund policy?

I will happily and promptly refund your tub rental fee, minus a $50 service charge, if your plans change after reserving and paying for your tub but before you pick it up. After picking up the tub, there are no refunds.

After picking up the tub, should your birth need to occur in the hospital, or you transfer in labor without using the tub, I am unable to refund your money, as you will have had the tub for your use during the reserved period, making it unavailable to others.

Request your Seattle Birth Tub Rental


  • $300 - Heated AquaDoula® Kit (see above)
  • Extra hoses ($30)
  • Extra disposable liners ($35)

For questions or more information, or to check tub availability for your due date, please fill out my request form below. I can often confirm availability immediately, and assure you that I will respond promptly.

Once I have confirmed the tub is available for your due month, you will be provided with a contract and payment option to reserve your tub, and choose your pick up date/time with just a few clicks.